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What We Provide


Because we weren't starting from scratch, the solution was up and running in far less time

- C.I.O., Banking Industry


Image At commerTECH, our core team has been solving IT challenges for an average of 20+ years. Through the course of over 100 projects, we encountered many similar circumsatnces in vastly different companies and industries.

Pre-Built solutions allow us to provide complex solutions in less time while leveraging past experience, testing, and cummulative improvements.

For over a decade commerTECH solutions and services have provided our clients with improved business process, cost management, and product placement by helping them refine their process and utilize practical technology application.

commerTECH F.I.T.

F.I.T. F.I.T. (Flexible Integration Tool) provides a set of security protocols, pre-defined data flow patterns, and best-practices to enable enterprise-level data integration and data transformation.

Through the structured and documented automation of repetitive data integration tasks, we are able to help our clients realize efficiencies, reduce errors, and ensure stability, while freeing costly resources for more domain-specific activities.

commerTECH Search

Search How much time are your employees losing searching for valuable information? How long are your customers waiting before they hear the dreaded I'LL have to call you back? How does that stack up against your competitors who are able to quickly provide vital information and complete transactions in less time, at less cost, and more consistently?

Each of our solutions are based on the the central data repository of commerTECH Searh, a secure data repository which combines the timesaving power of Google style search capability with the business process and automation of traditional data applications

commerTECH Catalog

Catalog Successful placement of your products and services requires the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities and recognizing where resources are best applied.
commerTECH Catalog, our product placement, targeted marketing, and electronic fulfillment solution matches your products and services with a rich, multi-media, and interactive purchasing experience while extending a convenient method for gaining and retaining online customers.

commerTECH eLearning

eLearning Our eLearning solution brings the search, tracking, and multimedia capabilities of commerTECH Search to the rich functionality of Adobe Quiz maker to produce a training suite suited to growing demands of product awareness as well as industry and regulatory compliance

commerTECH Document

Document CommerTECH Document combines the flexibility, security, and automation of COMMERTECH Search with the common work flow requirements of administrating your sensitive and valuable documents

Secure Services and Integration

Secure Services and Integration Before our pockest were buzzing and our doctor took notes on a tablet, and that favorite catering truck took payment on an iPhone, we had to sit at a computer and wait for the 'tempermental magic' of early applications. Before long, we saw the same functionality, starting with email, and quickly moving to web browsers and on into more specialized apps, such as online-banking.

With Secure Services and Integration, we are able to make the most use of existing application logic and data stores, providing much of the same functionality and convenience through multiple delivery methods like desktop, web apps, mobile, and services. All of this is done, using the same data, the same business rules, and the same authorization and access settings.

Cloud-Based Workflow

Secure Services and Integration Business Process Modeling (BPM) seeks to organize tasks and people to facilitate the use of process analysis, modeling and design techniques and tools required to improve performance, accuracy, and compliance.

Taking BPM to a new level of refinement, scalability, and support, we have added the power of on-premise and cloud hosting