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Professional Services

What We Do


commerTECH is a business partner, deeply vested in the success of our organization.

- C.O.O., Healthcare Industry

Pofessional Services

Image Successful implementations require as much industry experience as they do technical. At commerTECH, the professionals who create, implement, and support our solutions are either experts in that field or managed closely by those of us who are. This allows us to quickly understand and address the specific needs of each engagement, bringing a wealth of knowledge and common best-practices.

If you are facing challenges in any of the following areas, please give us a call and let us show you how we can bring value to your organization.

  • Data Storage and Application
  • Data System Integration
  • Database Design, Security, and Optimization
  • Data Analysis and Data Warehousing
  • Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Application Support
  • Application Migration
  • Vendor and Business Partner Integration
  • Application Portfolio and Viability Assessment
  • M & A IT Assessment

Business Process

image Leveraging the benefits of automation and data-driven applications starts with the proper design and refinement of repeatable business processing. A trained mind can quickly identify and exploit time-intensive and costly activities, replacing them with automated activities and data-driven decision logic, guided by checks and balances to ensure security and compliance.


image Barely a business transaction takes place, today, without the opportunity to record, tag, store, and track that information for a multitude of purposes. We, at commerTECH, help our clients to make the most of this information while ensurign that it is stored securely and within the bounds of ever-increasing regulation and compliance guidelines.

Some examples of what we help our clients do:

  • Capture, Store, and Secure
  • Stability and Availability
  • Maintenance and Utilization
  • Reporting and Visualization
  • Analysis and Decision Support


image From the efficiency of your staff, to your customers' interaction, to the ability to make metrics-driven decisions based decisions, data applicaitons are a driving force. Applications, deficient in teh areas of design, implementation, or support, can choke out efficiency, accuracy, and depenability, chasing away customers, raising costs and lowering proffits.

Cloud Migration

image Significant investmemt and advances in security and stability have made cloud deployment, in many cases, more cost effective and dependable than traditional data-center and on-premise application potfolio management.