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Welcome to commerTECH

You wouldn't park a fire truck on the water hose.
But, are you parking broken software in the way of profits?
Are your information systems adding revenue and lowering your costs? If not, let us talk it over and see how we can make that happen.
Areas where we help clients achieve their information technology goals:
Business Process Automation Data Storage and Management Data Security and Compliance
Secure Data Integration Document Management Cloud-Based Workflow
Business Applications Reporting and Visualization On-Premise <> Cloud Migration

Configurable Solutions

Data Reinventing the wheel is great work if you're a designer of world-class racing bicycles. For technology solutions, much of what we do has been done before, either by us or soemone else, and there is real value in looking to existing solutions before setting out to start from scratch.

Industry Experience

Data Automate a broken process and you just get more mistakes in less time. Refine the process, first, and you get exponentially more efficiency and accuracy, freeing your staff for more exciting and profitable work.

Configurable Solutions

  • commerTECH Search
    The power of Google-style search with the needed security, flexibility, and control.
  • commerTECH F.I.T.
    Flexible Import Tool replaces application siloes with access and value.
  • commerTECH Catalog
    the latest product and service info in front of the right people on the right device.
  • commerTECH eLearning
    Train your staff using what your customer sees, improving the experience for both.
  • commerTECH Document
    Recieve, securely store, track, and utilize every important document in your business process.
  • Secure Services and Integration
    Expose value in your information systems, while securing their critical data.
  • Cloud Workflow
    Leverage existing internal on-premise systems securely with our cloud platform and hosted Workflow solutions.


... We'd been trying to get this project completed for three years... commerTECH got it done in a little over three months!

- IT Director - Automotive Industry